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If you’re in Raleigh, we at Clear Choice Electric would like to thank you for your Business!

Please don’t keep our service a secret!


If you enjoyed your experience with us, We ask that you please tell your family, friends and all of your social network groups about our outstanding service! We want to show you our appreciation for being a committed customer and for your recommendations, we will give you $25.00 for each referral that uses our services! Don’t forget, if your friends or family give us a call- remind them to tell us who sent them! We want to make sure you get your reward!

If you would like to contact us directly, give us a call at (919) 520-5727 and we will be glad to complete your referral over the phone. Please have the following information ready:

Your Name:
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Name of person you are referring:
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Or, you can complete the form below with the same information. Please fill out the form completely, including your phone number. Enter the contact information for the person you are referring into the message box.

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